The Benefits of Slippers & Indoor Shoes

The Benefits of Slippers & Indoor Shoes

Statistically, most foot injuries take place in the home! The number one reason to wear slippers is to protect your feet. People with diabetes and other neurological conditions are at the highest risk, as they cannot feel foreign objects and obstacles when they encounter their feet.  When looking for footwear to be worn at home, it is important to look for proper fit, structure, and appropriate materials. Depending on your needs and personal history of injury, the needs of your indoor footwear can vary!

Many of our slippers offer great balance and stability.  Surfaces in homes are often varied with carpet, linoleum, tile, or hardwood. The combination of these will affect your stability, and slippers reduce the risk of an accident.

We have compiled a list of our recommendations for certain circumstances you may encounter when shopping for slippers!

Slippers that can accommodate orthotics

Slippers that accommodate orthotics should have a firmer sole, and a removable footbed. Did you know that there is a great selection of slippers with removable footbeds to be able to accommodate your own orthotics? You should be able to move your orthotics into any footwear you own to keep your feet properly supported throughout the day, whether you are out running errands, or making dinner at home.

Slippers for the diabetic foot:

It is important to always wear footwear when you are diabetic or have other neurological conditions to protect your feet from foreign objects or uneven surfaces. In some cases, your feet could be numb, and you could accidently step on a piece of glass without knowing! Try to go for a slipper that has a sturdy sole, has a closed toe with a wider toe box, has no seams and is adjustable. In some cases, Medicare covers the cost of special shoes for people with diabetes. You must meet certain criteria, such as having changes in your foot shape, past foot ulcers, or calluses that can lead to nerve damage. A doctor needs to prescribe them. Many of our shoes are listed as Medicare Approved (Talk to your foot doctor or primary care doctor to find out more).

This slipper by MediSlipper is the perfect choice for someone with diabetes or any other neurological conditions. It comes in a variety of widths (medium to extra-extra-wide), it is made of a stretch fabric with no bothersome seams and a large hook-loop closure for customary fit. It has a removable cushioned footbed to accommodate orthotics and is extremely light and durable. This slipper is Medicare approved. Comes in navy floral, beige and black.

Slippers for the one who works from home:

With many people moving their offices to home, you way to stay as cozy as possible while trying to get your work done. Sometimes you may be spending most of your day sitting at your desk and just want something a little more simple, cozy, and easy to slide on and off. It is important to have slippers in a breathable material, and have good grips on the bottoms.

These adorable slippers from Haflinger come in both men’s and women’s! Cozy boiled wool slippers to keep you warm at your home desk. Machine washable and a double felt outsole adds cushion and traction on a variety of surfaces. Haflinger has a whole range of slippers with adorable mismatched feet prints. Check out the whole selection here!

Slippers for the one who has sore feet after a long day:

Do you find after a long day on your feet you come home and can no longer stand standing? Slippers that have a great arch support can give you the relief you need to combat your sore feet. Sandals such as Birkenstocks are great to use as indoor footwear because of their firm arched footbed. Also, these Haflinger slippers have the most amazing arch support, are easy to throw on after a long day and will surely give your feet the relief you want. Let these slippers cradle your feet back to feeling good! (this style comes in both men’s and women’s sizes).

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