Suffer from Sore Feet? We Have Tips!

Suffer from Sore Feet? We Have Tips!

Do you spend long work days on your feet? Can't wait to take your shoes off when you are done for the day? Try some of these tips!

Proper Fit

When choosing the right shoe for you, make sure you are fitting both the length and the width of your foot. A proper fitting shoe should not have excessive pressure around the sides of your foot or at your toes. How do you know what your proper shoe size is? A great trick to help you is to remove the insole out of the shoe and stand on it with your heel right at the back. Is your foot hanging over the sides? That means it is too narrow. Are your toes right to the end? That means it is too short. You should have a thumbs length of insole at the end of your foot, to make sure you have adequate space for your toes. When trying on new shoes, make sure you are wearing the socks you will be wearing at work. Thick sock can make a difference in the shoe size you need. All our locations have trained fitting specialists who will measure the length and width of both of your feet, and make sure you are in the correct size.  Our size and fit guide contains great tips on figuring out your correct shoe size from home!

If you must wear dress shoes to work, make sure the toe does not point too much at the end.  This can cause pain at the sides of your toes and at the ball of your foot. Lower heels prevent pressure at the ball of your foot. Having extra shock absorption helps ease pain. A removable insole is beneficial to be able to adjust to the cushioning and support that you need.

On Concrete? Wear a sole with a negative heel rocker to strike

If you walk a lot and you have a heavy foot or arthritis in the ankle, a negative heel rocker can help reduce the stress in the foot as the heel comes to the floor.

Add support when necessary

Most footwear do not have arch support built into them. Even good supportive shoes sometimes need extra arch support! Proper supportive shoes have a good base and prevent the foot from moving too much, but they don’t typically support the arch. Even if they have arch support built into them, an over the counter or custom orthotic may be necessary to support the foot! Check out our over-the-counter arch supports here.

Choose rocker soled shoes

A rocker sole is a curved sole at the toe to help propel you forward when you take a step. This takes effort out of each step and will help you be less tired! Check out our rocker soled shoes for women here  and for men here!

Shoes suited for the work

You need to make sure the shoe you pick fits for the environment of your work. Do you work outside in the winter? You may want to get something insulated, slip resistant and waterproof. Do you work in a kitchen? You may want a shoe that wipes clean and has extreme slip resistance. When it comes to trades, you may need to consider a MET guard, a steel toe and plate, as well as many other features.

We have incorporated some great filtering on our site to help you find the right safety features you need in your footwear! Our trained fitting specialists can also help you find the right shoes for the job.

Change shoes and socks during the day

Feet can sweat and make shoes and socks not as comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Having a change of shoes to wear will help keep your feet dry and comfortable for long periods of work!

If you need more information about choosing shoes that work for your specific job, or if you are on your feet all day, we can help!

Information sourced from the Pedorthic Association of Canada,